Composite Cord Strapping is substantially transforming the way packages are secured, offering a myriad of advantages over traditional options. The ensuing sections of this article will be dedicated to a detailed appraisal of Composite Cord Strapping, a comparative exploration of Steel Strapping, and subsequently discussing how the two compare.

1. Unravelling the Practical Innovation: Composite Cord Strapping.

Composite Polyester Strapping, a ground-breaking product in the packaging industry, is essentially a plethora of polyester yarns of high tensile strength securely encapsulated within a polymer sheath. This remarkable composition offers numerous advantages, including the ability to securely bind heavy load without the risk of splitting. Its impressive versatility allows it to smoothly navigate various shapes and contours of packages, presenting an evident advantage over the more conventional, rigid strapping options.

Composite cord straps

2. The Stalwart of Packaging: Steel Strapping.

In direct contrast to the new-age Composite Polyester Strapping, we have Steel Strapping – a material known for its unsurpassed strength and resilience. It often becomes the initial choice in scenarios necessitating high-strength strapping, such as securing heavy industrial equipment. However, the strength of steel presents challenges of sharp edges, potential for rust, and the requirement of safety gloves during handling, which inherently limit its usage flexibility.

Steel strapping Tool

3. Composite Polyester Strapping vs. Steel Strapping: An Indepth Comparison.

Drawing a parallel between the two reveals the superior safety and adaptability offered by Composite Polyester Strapping for a broad spectrum of strapping needs. Unlike Steel Strapping, Composite Polyester Strapping is rust-resistant, thereby significantly reducing potential damage to the strapped items. The easy manageability, absence of sharp edges, and minimal storage requirements further position Composite Polyester Strapping as a cost-effective and user-friendly option.

In closing, Steel Strapping has solidified its place in heavy-duty industrial applications, thanks to its unparalleled strength. However, Composite Polyester Strapping, with its adaptive, safe, and easy-to-handle nature, is more suited for a broader range of packaging scenarios. Determining the right strapping material will invariably hinge on factors like safety, affordability, durability and specific requirements of the industry.




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