Composite Strapping Packing Used In Industries

Composite strapping, also known as composite strapping or polyester strapping, has become a versatile and durable packaging material that is widely used in all walks of life. Its main purpose is to protect and bundle goods to ensure safe transport and storage.


Composite Strapping——Logistics and transport:

In the logistics and shipping industries,composite banding plays a vital role in protecting pallets, packages and containers during transport. Its excellent load stability and ability to withstand harsh handling and long-distance transport make it the preferred choice. By effectively reducing shifting and movement, composite banding ensures that cargo reaches its destination safely.

Composite Strapping——Construction:

Composite banding is widely used in the construction industry for securing various construction materials. Whether wood, steel beams or pipes, the high tensile strength of composite banding allows tight bonding during transport or storage. This robust strapping solution effectively prevents any displacement or damage to materials, ensuring they remain intact and in optimal condition.

Composite Strapping——Manufacturing:

In manufacturing plants, businesses use composite banding to secure heavy machinery, equipment, and components during transportation. The reliable strapping provided by composite strapping ensures that these valuable items remain intact throughout their journey. By preventing potential damage, it helps maintain operational efficiency and reduces the costs associated with repair or replacement.


Composite strapping plays a vital role in the automotive industry, where it is used to protect vehicles and their components during transportation. It effectively prevents movement, vibration and potential damage during transportation from the manufacturing plant to the dealer or distribution center. By protecting the integrity of automotive products, laminated strapping ensures that customers receive vehicles in top condition.


In warehouses, businesses widely use composite banding to bundle and secure goods to pallets or racks. It maintains stability even when items are stacked vertically, significantly reducing the risk of falling or moving. By improving safety and minimizing the likelihood of accidents, composite banding helps create a more efficient and organized storage environment.


In the furniture industry, composite banding is an important solution for strapping and securing bulky items such as sofas, mattresses and cabinets. By securely holding these items together during shipment, we minimize the risk of scratches, dents, or other damage. The use of composite banding ensures that furniture reaches its destination in pristine condition, satisfying customers and reducing potential returns or repairs.


The agricultural sector benefits from the reliable strapping capability of composite banding for securing hay bales, piles of lumber and other bulky produce. By effectively bundling and securing these items, composite banding ensures safe transport and storage against movement or damage. This helps improve the overall efficiency and productivity of the agricultural supply chain.

Paper and printing:

In the paper and printing industry, businesses use composite banding to secure paper rolls, cardboard, and other printed materials. It prevents loosening and ensures the integrity of the roll during handling and transport. By maintaining the quality of these materials, laminated strapping plays an important role in maintaining the value and effectiveness of printed products.


In the electronics industry, laminated strapping is critical for protecting electronic equipment and precision devices during transport. Its non-abrasive nature protects items from scuffing or damage. By providing a secure and cushioned grip, composite banding ensures that valuable electronics arrive at their destination in perfect working order.

Mining and heavy industry:

In the mining and heavy industry, composite banding helps secure bulky items such as pipes, cables and mechanical components.

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