How do you use a cord strap buckle?

The surface of Cord Strap Buckle is galvanized or phosphated, and the appearance is bright and corrosion resistant. Complete models.

How do you use a cord strap buckle

What is a cord strap buckle?

The cord strap buckle is made by machine stamping, also known as an M-shaped packing buckle. The treatment process is galvanized surface, which has strong tensile capacity and anti-corrosion properties. Can be used with cord strapping, PP tape, PET tape, webbing, etc. It has 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm, 32mm models, which are simple to use and powerful.

What are the advantages of buckle cordstrap?

  • Industry’s Most Stable Fastening Method
  • Made of high quality steel wire
  • Also Available in different sizes and strength models
  • Suitable for various types of packing belts, such as: PP belt, PET belt, braided belt, flexible polyester fiber packing belt, etc.
  • For strapping large objects
  • Self-locking
  • Buckle cordstrap with Composite strap (size 13/16/19/25/32MM)
  • The product also has a unique elastic texture and maintains a strong tension, ensuring that the bundled cargo remains in its original shape.

What are the specifications of the cord strap buckle?


Cord strap buckles need to be used with cord strapping to achieve the best tightening effect.

The following lists the specifications of cord strapping for you to choose the buckle cordstrap for use together.


How to use the cord strap buckle?

  • Take composite strap packaging as an example.
  • Take about 10 cm of the Composite strap ,Also place it in the packing clasp to tighten.
  • Also Tighten the other side of the packing clasp, use the manual cord strap tensioner to tighten and cut.
  • The tensioner placement should also be reserved for 10 cm with the packing clasp to prevent the tight incision from being too close to the packing clasp.
  • If you still have questions about the use of this product, you can contact us. We have a more detailed video.
How to use Cord Strap Buckle

Which scenarios use cord strap buckles?

It also plays the role of fastening products. With the help of the tensioner, it is easy to operate and can be used for bundling large objects, such as stone, wood, steel, bundling large objects on pallets, logistics containers, etc. It can not only solve general problems conveniently, quickly and safely, but also apply to cargo packaging in complex environments.

Which scenarios use cord strap buckles

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