PET Strapping Tensioner for Electric DD163

  • Automatic packaging
  • Strong pull
  • One-click packaging
  • Hot melt friction


     PET Strapping Tensioner

    Pet Strapping Tensioner is a fully automatic hand-held tool, easy to operate, fast tightening, safe and reliable. PP and PET strapping are universal.Click to view.

    • This product is a auto-automatic tool for strapping PET or PP straps. The product is made of PET/PP Strapping bonded together by hot melt.New and old straps can be combined directly, saving wear time and work.

    PET Strapping Tensioner Information

    • Weight:3.8kgs(including batteries)
    • Size:360mm X 135mm X 130mm
    • Tension force:600N-4000N
    • Speed:225mm/s
    • Seal strap form:Friction and welding
    • Charger:100/220V
    • Battery:Bosch 14.4V/5.0Ah
    • Charge battery:Two batteries
    • Charge time:60minutes
    • Battery life:More than 2000times
    • Strap:PET/PP
    • Strap width:16-19mm
    • Strap thickness:PP(0.6-1.0mm)/PET (0.5-1.0mm)

    PET Strapping Tensioner Application

    • Widely used in paper,aluminum,textile,Steel,logistics,farm,chemical,metal industries ,ckaging steel,wood, brick, fiberand so on.
    Strapping Tensioner Features/Benefits
    • Portable and easy to carry
    • Automatic packaging
    • Strong pull
    • Efficient packing and fast tightening
    • One-click packaging
    • Hot melt friction
    • Wide range of applications, one machine with multiple functions
    • Intelligent, excellent hardware

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    3.8kgs(including batteries)


    360mm X 135mm X 130mm

    Tension force




    Seal strap form

    Friction and welding




    Bosch 14.4V/5.0Ah

    Charge battery

    Two batteries

    Charge time


    Battery life

    More than 2000times



    Strap width