Stainless Steel Band Strapping Tool

  • Special sharp knife head
  • Human mechanical rubber handle
  • Coordinated operation button


    stainless steel band strapping tool

    Stainless steel band strapping tool is mainly used to pack stainless steel bars. Special sharp knife head, handle in line with human mechanics.

    • This product tightens quickly, is easy to cut, and is easy to use. Forged with a high-strength steel tool, it is strong and durable, and the tool is small and flexible to use in various scenarios, bringing convenience to your life.


    • Color: black
    • Application width: less than 12mm
    • Application thickness: less than 0.3mm
    • Product function: tighten, cut off

    Stainless steel band strapping tool Application

    • Widely used in power communication, petrochemical, thermal pipeline, sign bundling, construction industry, shipbuilding industry, rail transit and other industries.
    Stainless steel band strapping tool Features/Benefits
    • Special sharp knife head: cut flat, smooth incision in one step, saving time and effort and beautiful, no longer have to worry about uneven incision.
    • Human mechanical rubber handle: adopts a human mechanical rubber handle, which is designed and used with the front and rear buckle ratchet, which is comfortable to hold, easy and labor-saving, and improves work efficiency.
    • Coordinated operation button: The operation knob is properly coordinated, the tightening handle is combined with the adjustment knob to tighten the cable tie, and the cutter head control knob cooperates with the sharp special cutter head to cut in one step.

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    Application width

    less than 12mm

    Application thickness

    less than 0.3mm

    Product function

    tighten, cut off