What is composite strap?

Composite strap commonly known as fiber strapping, is a novel eco-friendly packaging material made primarily from polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Processed through precision manufacturing, it has emerged as an environmentally conscious alternative to traditional steel straps and PET plastic straps. Widely adopted in industries such as steel, chemical fibers, aluminum ingots, paper, brick kilns, screws, tobacco, electronics, textiles, machinery, and wood, composite strapping has gained popularity due to its convenience, efficiency, and environmental benefits.

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  • Key Features and Advantages:

1. High Tensile Strength: Composite strapping exhibits remarkable tensile strength, replacing conventional steel strapping methods to ensure robust and reliable packaging.

2. Elasticity, Stretch, and Recovery:With excellent elasticity, it can absorb vibrations during transportation, ensuring the safety of goods during long-distance shipping..

3. Tightening and Memory Capability:These straps maintain tightness over an extended period, providing effective protection for goods and meeting the requirements of rapid customs inspections and logistics.

4.Safe and Flexible Use:Safe to use without causing damage to packaged items, and they can be cut without the need for specialized tools, minimizing the risk of injury.

5.Corrosion Resistance: Resistant to rust or corrosion, making them suitable for various environmental conditions.

6. No Breakage with Partial Horizontal Cuts: Even if the strapping is partially cut horizontally, it does not break entirely, ensuring the integrity of the packaging.

7. Easy Disposal: Can be treated as general industrial waste for easy disposal, aligning with environmental sustainability goals.

8. Cost Savings: Effectively reduces additional costs due to goods damage, enhancing packaging efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Composite strapping, with its unique properties and environmentally friendly characteristics, represents an innovative solution in the packaging industry. It not only promotes green packaging practices but also offers industries a more convenient, efficient, and economical packaging solution. As new materials continue to evolve, composite strapping is poised to inject new vitality into the packaging industry.

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