A19/25 Pneumatic Strap Packing Tool

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    APneumatic Strap Packing Tool

    The A19/A25 Pneumatic Strap Packing Tool is a device used for securely fastening and tightening straps around packages or bundles. It operates pneumatically, meaning it utilizes compressed air to power its functions. The tool is specifically designed for industrial packaging applications, where strong and reliable strapping is required to secure items for shipping or storage.

    The A19/A25 tool is capable of efficiently tensioning and sealing straps, ensuring they remain tightly secured during transportation. Its pneumatic operation enables faster and more consistent strapping, improving productivity and enhancing the overall packaging process.

    Pneumatic Strap Packing Tool Information

    • Product Name:Pneumatic Power Handheld Strapping Machine Tool
    • Model:A19/A25
    • Suitable Strap:PET/PP
    • Strap Insert Way:Strap Belt up and down
    • Suitable Strap Size:Width: 13-19mm/Thickness: 0.5-1.2mm(A19),Width: 19-25mm/Thickness: 0.5-1.5mm(A25)
    • Working Air Pressure:0.5-0.7Mpa
    • Strap Sealing Type:Friction Welding
    • Max.Tension Force:3500N
    • Machine Weight:3.8kgs
    • Machine Size:280*160*180mm

    Pneumatic Strap Packing Tool Application

    • 1. Packaging and securing heavy-duty goods: The A19/A25 Pneumatic Strap Packing Tool is commonly used in industries such as logistics, manufacturing, and construction to securely package and secure heavy-duty goods like metal pipes, lumber, or machinery.
    • 2. Shipping and transportation: This tool is essential for preparing packages and pallets for shipping and transportation. It ensures that items remain tightly bound during transit, reducing the risk of damage or shifting.
    • 3. Warehousing and storage: The A19/A25 tool is employed in warehouses and storage facilities to strap and bundle items together, optimizing space utilization and ensuring efficient organization.
    • 4. Construction and building materials: In the construction industry, this tool is utilized to secure construction materials like bricks, concrete blocks, and wooden beams for safe and reliable transportation to the job site.
    • 5. Manufacturing and production: The tool is commonly employed in manufacturing and production facilities to strap and secure finished products, components, or raw materials, ensuring their integrity during handling and distribution.
    A19/25 Pneumatic Strap Packing Tool Features/Benefits
    • 1. Efficient and fast operation: The A19/A25 Pneumatic Strap Packing Tool offers rapid and efficient strapping, allowing for increased productivity and reduced packaging time.
    • 2. Secure and reliable strapping: This tool ensures tight and secure strapping, minimizing the risk of package or bundle movement during transportation, thus reducing the potential for damage.
    • 3. Adjustable tensioning: The tool provides adjustable tensioning capabilities, allowing users to customize the tightness of the straps based on the specific requirements of the packaged items.
    • 4. Consistent and uniform results: With its pneumatic operation, the A19/A25 tool delivers consistent tensioning and sealing results, ensuring uniform strap tightness throughout the packaging process.
    • 5. Durable and robust construction: The tool features a sturdy and durable construction that withstands heavy-duty industrial use and demanding packaging environments.

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    Product Name

    Pneumatic Power Handheld Strapping Machine Tool



    Suitable Strap


    Strap Insert Way

    Strap Belt up and down

    Suitable Strap Size

    Width: 13-19mm/Thickness: 0.5-1.2mm(A19),Width: 19-25mm/Thickness: 0.5-1.5mm(A25)

    Working Air Pressure


    Strap Sealing Type

    Friction Welding

    Max.Tension Force


    Machine Weight


    Machine Size