B19 Pneumatic Strapping Tool

  • Convenient portable
  • Durable
  • Lightweight body
  • Simple operation
  • Energy saving and high efficiency
  • Advanced Technology


    B19 Pneumatic Strapping Tool

    B19 Pneumatic Strapping Tool is boost efficiency across industries with Lightweight and powerful, it’s the choice for reliable packaging in diverse settings.


    • Model: B19
    • Apply straps: PET Strap
    • Seal straps form:Friction and hot welding
    • Apply straps size :width: 13mm-19mm、thickness:0.5mm-1.2mm
    • Maximum tension force :3500N
    • Air pressure:0.5-0.8MPa
    • Specification:280X160X180 mm
    • Weight:3.8KG

    B19 Pneumatic Strapping Tool Application

    • Widely used in manufacturing, metallurgy, transportation and other industries, such as steel rolling, freight, hardware, equipment manufacturing, cotton, chemical fiber, waste paper cloth, Food, Beverage, Commodity, Chemical, Machinery & Hardware, APPAREL, Textiles  and product packing.

    B19 Pneumatic Strapping Tool Features/Benefits

    • Advanced Technology
    • Lightweight body
    • Simple operation
    • Energy saving and high efficiency
    • Convenient portable
    • Durable
    • Easy to pack
    • High degree of automation, no fasteners, hot friction welding, solid and beautiful interface.
    • All bodies and components are made of high-strength alloy materials, with high machine durability, high reliability design and advanced manufacturing technology.
    • Large tension, easy to pack heavy packaging.
    • Using high quality metal, high hardness. There is a fastening point for the packing belt at the front end of the machine to prevent the packing from slipping or falling off.

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    Additional information

    Apply straps:

    PET Strap

    Seal straps form

    Friction and hot welding

    Apply straps size :

    width: 13mm-19mm

    Maximum tension force


    Air pressure



    280X160X180 mm