Metal Seal Wire Buckle Clip PET

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    PETSeal Wire Buckle

    Seal wire buckle is a type of fastening device used for securely closing and sealing packaging materials, especially those made of strapping, wire, or similar materials. These buckles are designed to provide a robust and tamper-evident closure for various types of packages.

    Seal Wire Buckle Information

    • Model: 1308, 1606, 1608, 1908
    • Weight: 10kg (according to your needs)

    Seal Wire Buckle Application

    • 1. Seal wire buckles are widely used in the packaging industry to securely and efficiently close various types of packaging materials, such as cardboard boxes, plastic bags, and textile packaging.
    • 2. These fasteners are typically made of metal or plastic and offer excellent tensile strength, ensuring the security and integrity of the packaging.
    • 3. Seal wire buckles are also extensively applied in the logistics and shipping sectors to seal transport crates, containers, and cargo packaging, ensuring that goods are not tampered with or damaged during transit.
    • 4. The use of these fasteners not only enhances the security and integrity of packaging but also improves packaging efficiency since they can quickly and reliably close packaging materials, reducing the workload for personnel.

    PET Seal Wire Buckle Features/Benefits

    • 1. Secure Closure: Seal wire buckles provide a secure and tamper-evident closure for packaging materials, reducing the risk of theft or unauthorized access to contents.
    • 2. High Tensile Strength: They are typically designed to have high tensile strength, ensuring that the closure remains intact, even under stress or during transportation.
    • 3. Ease of Use: Seal wire buckles are easy to apply, making them a convenient choice for sealing packaging materials. They often require no special tools for installation.
    • 4. Versatility: These buckles can be used with a wide range of packaging materials, including plastic strapping, metal strapping, and wire, making them suitable for various industries and applications.
    • 5. Cost-Effective:Seal wire buckles are cost-effective solutions for securing packaging, as they are relatively inexpensive and reduce the need for additional sealing methods or equipment.
    • 6. Improved Efficiency: Seal wire buckles enable quick and efficient sealing of packages, helping to streamline packaging operations and reduce labor costs.
    • 7. Reduction of Material Waste:Compared to some alternative sealing methods, seal wire buckles generate less waste, contributing to environmentally friendly packaging practices.

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    1308, 1606, 1608, 1908


    10kg (according to your needs)