Steel Strip Strapping Tool GD35

  • Adjustable Tension
  • Efficient Operation
  • Secure Strapping
  • Ease of Use
  • Versatility
  • Durability


    GD 35 Steel Strip Strapping Tool

    The GD35 Steel Strip Strapping Tool is a reliable and versatile tool for securely fastening steel straps.

    • The GD35 Steel Straps Strapping Tool is a robust and efficient tool designed specifically for fastening steel straps with ease. Its reliable performance and versatility make it an ideal choice for various applications that require secure and durable strapping.

    Steel Straps Strapping Tool Information

    • Apply strap:Steel belt/Iron belt
    • Specification(mm):13-19
    • Strap width(mm):0.38-0.8
    • Locking method:Yin and yang buckle
    • Interface firmness:70% of the load of consumables
    • Dimensions(mm):400X100X330 mm
    • Weight(kg):4.54kg

    GD35 Steel Straps Strapping Tool Application

    • 1. Pallet Strapping: The GD35 Steel Straps Strapping Tool is commonly used for securely strapping steel bands around pallets, ensuring stability during transportation and storage.
    • 2. Construction Industry: The tool finds application in the construction industry for securing steel beams, pipes, and other heavy materials, providing stability during transport and on-site handling.
    • 3. Shipping and Logistics: The GD35 is used in shipping and logistics operations to securely strap steel straps around cargo and containers, preventing shifting or damage during transit.
    • 4. Manufacturing: This tool is valuable in manufacturing facilities for bundling and securing steel components, products, or raw materials, ensuring safe handling and transportation.
    • 5. Heavy-Duty Packaging: The GD35 is suitable for heavy-duty packaging applications, such as strapping steel coils, bundles, or equipment, providing strong and reliable bundling for safe transport.
    • 6. Metal Recycling: The tool is utilized in metal recycling centers to efficiently strap steel scrap, enabling easier handling, storage, and transportation of recycled materials.
    Steel Straps Strapping Tensioner Features/Benefits
    • 1. Durability: The GD35 Steel Straps Tool is built to withstand heavy-duty usage, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.
    • 2. Versatility: This tool is compatible with various sizes and types of steel straps, allowing for flexibility in different strapping applications.
    • 3. Ease of Use: The GD35 features user-friendly controls and ergonomic design, making it easy to operate and minimizing operator fatigue.
    • 4. Secure Strapping: With its robust tensioning and sealing capabilities, the GD35 ensures tight and secure strapping, preventing slippage or damage during transportation.
    • 5. Efficient Operation: The tool offers quick and efficient strapping cycles, optimizing productivity and reducing packaging time.
    • 6. Adjustable Tension: The GD35 allows for adjustable tensioning, enabling precise control over the tightness of the strapping to accommodate different packaging requirements.

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    Additional information

    Apply strap

    Steel belt/Iron belt



    Strap width(mm)


    Locking method

    Yin and yang buckle

    Interface firmness

    70% of the load of consumables


    400X100X330 mm