V2 Battery Powered Strapping Tool

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  • Hot melt friction


    V2 Battery Strapping Tool

    V2 Battery  Strapping Tool  a battery-powered strapping tool is a portable device that uses a rechargeable battery to tension and secure strapping or banding material around packages or objects.

    • This product is a auto-automatic tool for strapping PET or PP straps. The product is made of PET/PP Strapping bonded together by hot melt.New and old straps can be combined directly, saving wear time and work.

    Battery  Strapping Tool  Information

    • Color:Blackish green
    • Apply straps:PP 、PET
    • Apply straps width:13-16mm
    • Apply straps thickness:0.4-1.2mm
    • Battery:4.0Ah 50/60Hz 57.6Wh
    • Tighten speed:100-200mm/s
    • Seal straps form: Friction and welding
    • Tensile force:900-3200N
    • Size:L380mm X W130mm X H130mm
    • Weight:3.1kg

    V2 Battery  Strapping Tensioner Application

    • 1. Logistics and Shipping: Battery-powered strapping tools are commonly used in the transportation and logistics industry to secure packages and pallets for safe and efficient shipping.
    • 2. Warehousing: In warehouses, these tools are utilized to secure and bundle goods, ensuring they are organized and ready for storage or distribution.
    • 3. Manufacturing: The manufacturing industry often employs battery-powered strapping tools to secure products and materials during the production process or for packaging and shipping finished goods.
    • 4. Construction: Construction companies utilize these tools to bundle construction materials, such as pipes, lumber, or steel, for easy handling and transportation to job sites.
    • 5. Agriculture: In the agricultural sector, battery-powered strapping tools are used to secure bales of hay or straw, bundles of crops, or other agricultural products for storage, transport, or sale.
    Battery  Strapping Tensioner Features/Benefits
    • 1. Portability: Being battery-powered, these tools are highly portable and can be used in various locations without the need for external power sources or cords.
    • 2. Ease of Use: Battery strapping tensioners are designed for user-friendly operation, with ergonomic handles and intuitive controls, making them easy to handle and operate by workers.
    • 3. Efficiency: These tools can tension and secure strapping material quickly and efficiently, saving time and effort compared to manual tensioning methods.
    • 4. Consistency: Battery-powered tensioners provide consistent tensioning force, resulting in uniformly secured and reliable strapping for enhanced load stability.
    • 5. Adjustable Tensioning Force: They offer adjustable tensioning force settings, allowing users to tailor the strapping tension based on the specific application requirements.
    • 6. Safety Features: Many battery strapping tensioners come with safety features such as safety triggers or sensors that prevent accidental activation, ensuring operator safety during use.

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    Blackish green

    Apply straps

    PP 、PET

    Apply straps width


    Apply straps thickness



    4.0Ah 50/60Hz 57.6Wh

    Tighten speed


    Seal straps form

    Friction and welding

    Tensile force



    L380mm X W130mm X H130mm