V2 Electric Handheld Strapping Tools Machine

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  • Hot melt friction


    V2 Electric Handheld Strapping Tools

    V2 Electric Handheld Strapping Tools represent cutting-edge technology in the field of strapping solutions. Designed for versatility and efficiency, these tools offer a portable and electrically powered solution for various strapping applications. With user-friendly features, they streamline the strapping process, enhancing productivity and ensuring secure packaging in industries such as logistics, manufacturing, and distribution. The V2 Electric Handheld Strapping Tools combine durability, ease of use, and the benefits of electric power, making them a reliable choice for businesses seeking efficient and convenient strapping solutions.

    V2 Electric Handheld Strapping Information

    • Color:Blackish green
    • Apply straps:PP 、PET
    • Apply straps width:13-16mm
    • Apply straps thickness:0.4-1.2mm
    • Battery:4.0Ah 50/60Hz 57.6Wh
    • Tighten speed:100-200mm/s
    • Seal straps form: Friction and welding
    • Tensile force:900-3200N
    • Size:L380mm X W130mm X H130mm
    • Weight:3.1kg

    V2 Electric Handheld Strapping Application

    • 1. Efficient Strapping:The V2 Battery Strapping Machine excels in providing efficient and high-speed strapping for PET battery products.
    • 2. PET Battery Production: Tailored specifically for the PET battery industry, the machine addresses the unique strapping needs of this application.
    • 3. Optimized Packaging Processes: The machine is engineered to streamline and optimize the packaging processes involved in PET battery production.
    • 4. Labor Cost Reduction: One of its primary goals is to reduce labor costs associated with the strapping and packaging tasks in the production line.
    • 5. Enhanced Security:The machine ensures secure and consistent strapping, contributing to the overall security and integrity of the packaged PET battery products.

     Electric Handheld Strapping Battery Powered Tool Features/Benefits

    • 1. Portability: Being battery-powered, these tools are highly portable and can be used in various locations without the need for external power sources or cords.
    • 2. Ease of Use: Battery strapping tensioners are designed for user-friendly operation, with ergonomic handles and intuitive controls, making them easy to handle and operate by workers.
    • 3. Efficiency: These tools can tension and secure strapping material quickly and efficiently, saving time and effort compared to manual tensioning methods.
    • 4. Consistency: Battery-powered tensioners provide consistent tensioning force, resulting in uniformly secured and reliable strapping for enhanced load stability.
    • 5. Adjustable Tensioning Force: They offer adjustable tensioning force settings, allowing users to tailor the strapping tension based on the specific application requirements.
    • 6. Safety Features: Many battery strapping tensioners come with safety features such as safety triggers or sensors that prevent accidental activation, ensuring operator safety during use.

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    Blackish green

    Apply straps

    PP 、PET

    Apply straps width


    Apply straps thickness



    4.0Ah 50/60Hz 57.6Wh

    Tighten speed


    Seal straps form

    Friction and welding

    Tensile force



    L380mm X W130mm X H130mm