Packing Strapping Tool Battery JDC13/16

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight body


    Packing Strapping Tool

    Packing Strapping Tool is a handheld PET power storage and packaging machine. It is easy to use and has a lightweight body. We have this product. Click to view it.

    • This product is a semi-automatic tool for strapping PET or PP straps. New and old straps can be combined directly, saving wear time and work. They are suitable for packaging steel, wood, brick, fiber, etc.


    • Model:JDC13/16
    • Color:dark blue
    • Weight:3.5kg
    • Strap Size:Width: 13mm or 16mm;Thickness: 0.5mm – 1.0mm
    • Strap type:PP or PET Straps are applicable
    • Tension Force:2800N (Maximum)
    • Dimension:340mm x 130mm x 120mm
    • Battery: Lithium battery 4.0A/h12VCD
    • Charger: 100V, 245CAC, 50-60Hz DC12.6V = 4.0A

    packing strapping tool Application

    • Wide range of packaging applications: this product is suitable for brick, wood, pallet, wooden box, cotton, steel, paper packaging and other industries.

    packing tool Features/Benefits

    • Easy to use, lightweight body
    • No fasteners, hot melt friction, beautiful and firm interface
    • High automation program, simple operation and easy to understand.
    • Easy to move, suitable for various venues, large and small packages can be applied;
    • The body and components are made of high-strength alloy materials and engineering plastics, which are durable.
    • Extremely safe

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    dark blue



    Strap Size

    Width: 13mm or 16mm;Thickness: 0.5mm – 1.0mm

    Strap type

    PP or PET Straps are applicable

    Tension Force

    2800N (Maximum)


    340mm x 130mm x 120mm


    Lithium battery 4.0A/h12VCD


    100V, 245CAC, 50-60Hz DC12.6V = 4.0A